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‘Diamond Joe’ has been providing top-tier companies and small businesses with entertainment – for almost 20 years – both all over Australia and overseas; including companies such as Qantas, Woolworths, Mastercard, Origin Energy and loads more!


By providing world class ‘sleight-of-hand’ magic right in front of their very eyes, your guests will be left spellbound and smiling – so much so that they’ll be thanking YOU!


No doubt they’ll love the food, and the music and the speeches, but they’ll be talking about the magic and YOUR EVENT – even after they leave!


If your looking for entertainment that is…


• World Class!

• Professional!
• Humorous (and ‘Clean’)!
• Tried and Proven!
• Reputable!
• Pleasantly Unique!


…then contact ‘Diamond Joe’ for a free, no obligation check of availability and quote.


 Just fill out the Booking Enquiry Form or Phone 0413 941 679.

Go ahead! – you’ve got nothing to lose and a world of wonders to gain!

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